My mind has committed suicide
My soul was lost some time ago
Demons everywhere
Darkness and blackness
Tired, sleepless, bloodshot eyes
Yet my shaking hands
Won’t stop
And won’t start




Pierdut între lumi
Aruncat în această viață fără voia lui
Privește cum ziua devine noapte
Noaptea devine zi
Minutele devin ore
Și toate trec pe lângă el
Și toate îl ignoră
Și el strigă după ajutor
Dar cine să-l ajute
Că oamenii-s hiene
Și iar rămâne singur
Pierdut între lumi
Un suflet – ce suflet?!
Nu știe dacă îl mai are
Și e trist și plânge
Și scrie dar nimeni nu citește Continue reading “Poems”



Fall is coming
and with it my whole being will crumble and
I will have to once again
destroy myself and
rebuild myself
And truth be told
I don’t even know if this is worth it anymore.

Fall is coming
and with it
my soul will cry out for that moment of peace
I am so longing for
but this is how things are
and changes won’t come
soon… Continue reading “Poems”



Talk to me!
Don’t shut me off
And don’t try to hide
Inside those things of yours
For you are me
And I am you
I know you well
Better than you could imagine
Your tired eyes, as you write this down
Your arrogance
Your walls, your demons, your storms
Your rainbows and your rain
Your thunders
Everything you hate
And everything you adore
We are that
And only that
And do
Continue reading “Poems”

Creepy & Horror Stories

Story #2

Never have I ever disrespected my mom. She was like, ugh…my role model or something. I admired her, as she managed to raise me all by herself. My dad died in a terrible plane crash when I hadn’t yet spent a year in this world. It is a strange feeling, as I have no memories of him. But, whatsoever, I got used to the thought. As stated, my mom is amazing. She is loving and caring and provides me with everything I need. Besides, her job is extremely well paid and I can’t remember a time when I wanted something and could not afford it. Even now, as I turned 18, she managed to buy me the car of my dreams. I won’t tell you which car and stuff like that – it is of no importance.
Five months passed since my 18th birthday. Ever since, mom started acting strange. She would get out of the house in the middle of the night and drive I have no idea where. She would skip some days at work only to stay locked, inside her room. It was really, really weird. She has never done this, before. Continue reading “Creepy & Horror Stories”

Creepy & Horror Stories

Story #1

I was driving home, listening to music. Night driving is, in my honest opinion, one of the greatest things on Earth. Everything is just so quiet and peaceful and you can travel alone, listening to music and all. I love it. But, as I was cruising down some dark alley, I got a message from my girlfriend. “HELP”. That was all. A simple text message with that word. I pulled over and tried calling her – in vain. I even tried calling her mom, but she wouldn’t answer either. I started to freak out. What if something bad happened to my babygirl? Like something really, really bad. What if she was hurt? No…no, no, no! Nothing is allowed to touch my girl. I hit the gas and my relaxing night ride turned into a high speed race towards my home. I wanted to take my gun, before going to her home…just to be safe; just in case something bad happened. I entered my room and a shiver went down my spine. He…he was here. Continue reading “Creepy & Horror Stories”



A cold wind blows
As sharp as a blade
Cutting his way through
The sea of soulless people
Gathered together
To mourn her.

A cold wind blows
As hot as a fever
Melting everything in its way:
Hearts, souls, hopes
All went six feet under,
Left alone and forgotten. Continue reading “Poems”



You were there for me
Even though I wasn’t quite able to see,
You always had my back,
You’ve always been my sidekick.
My partner
Atlas for my Earth
And ease for my mind

You were there for me
When everyone else was
When they cared and they worried
When they wondered whether or not I would, eventually,
Lose it. Continue reading “Poems”



Scriam despre tine,
toate celelalte o sută și cinci povești așteptau,
în foldere
ca Dumnezeul lor să se trezească, să miște
să-și ia în serios datoria de creator
de lumi.

Încă e ciudat cum
scriam despre tine
despre un fel de zeitate, deasupra celei menționate
ca și cum eu eram sclavul, tu stăpânul și scrisul era osânda prin care treceam,
doar fiindcă
nu m-am născut eu în locul tău,
ca rolurile să se inverseze
Și să te oblig să-mi cureți gresia din bucătărie
de tot sângele meu negru
care-a curs din
Degete. Continue reading “Poems”

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